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Join in for the 2018 anniversary year WIR FEIERN BAYERN (We celebrate Bavaria)

In 2018, Bavaria will be celebrating two special anniversaries: the 100-year existence of the Free State of Bavaria and the enactment of the Bavarian Constitution. We would like to celebrate this two-part birthday in all parts of Bavaria an with all Bavarian citizens.
The motto of the programme is WIR FEIERN BAYERN. The whole of Bavaria is invited to celebrate, take part and help to shape the future of Bavaria. The anniversary year begins in autumn 2017 and lasts until the big 100 Years Free State celebration on 8 November 2018 in Munich. The festivities comprise three parts: the 2030 citizens` panel, BAVARIA, YOUR FUTURE, a variety of competitions and join-in activities as well as anniversary events throughout the state. https://www.2030-deine-zukunft.bayern/bayern/de/home

The anniversary website

From 8 November 2017, you can find all the information about the anniversary on the anniversary website www.wir-feiern.bayern. The information platform gives an overview of the activities during the anniversary year and shares interesting facts about the history of the Free State of Bavaria and current event tips for each region. The content is clearly laid out on a landing page and divided into four headings. A navigation bar on the top of the website always remains in your field of view and guides you to the right information with the click of a mouse: News, Events, Join-in Activities and History. Large-sized images facilitate orientation within the content and also show you new and surprising impressions from all over Bavaria.

The homepage (Startseite)

On the homepage, the logo and motto of the anniversary year WIR FEIERN BAYERN first catches the eye. With this word mark and logo, anniversary activities from many different groups through Bavaria are marked as part of the joint anniversary year.
Large images from all seven Bavarian regions welcome you to www.wir-feiern.bayern. The images switch automatically and/or by mouse click.

Below it, there is a navigation bar from where you will reach the various content of the website. These will briefly be introduced to you on the homepage itself:

Under the invitation “Join in”, you will receive a brief overview of various join-in activities, such as a music and photo competition. During the anniversary year, there are also activities to discover specifically for kindergarten groups, students and the elderly. By clicking on the button “Join in”, you will go directly to the subpage “Join-in Activities”.

Under “News and Events”, you will be offered a selection of upcoming dates and events which are taking place during the anniversary year. Details about individual suggestions can be accessed by clicking on the respective buttons.
In between this, large “highlight boxes” provide information on special events of the anniversary year. You will find, for example, our anniversary film in one of these boxes.

Under “Discover the history of the Free State of Bavaria” and “Discover the history of the Bavarian Constitution”, you can learn about Bavaria’s journey to a modern democracy.

For more democratic public participation today, there is a reference to the 2030 citizen’s panel, BAVARIA, YOUR FUTURE. Here, all citizens can contribute their ideas and wishes for the future development of Bavaria and thus actively help shape policies of the state government. You can also participate in this.

The homepage closes on the bottom of the page with links to the offerings of the Bavarian State Government on YouTube, Facebook and the state portal “Bayern.de”. On Instagram, there is even a special anniversary activity under #wecelebratebavaria.

News (Aktuelles)

Under “News”, you will find articles about great anniversary events that have already taken place; about awards for the winners of one of the join-in activities or about a particularly surprising aspect of the Free State. In short: whenever something special is happening, we will present it to you in this heading.

Events (Veranstaltungen)

The header “Events” shows a calendar view with all dates and events during the anniversary year. These are indicated in colour according to the type of event (e.g. celebrations, sports events or concerts). By clicking on the individual dates, you will receive further information about the selected event.
Blue buttons above the calendar make it easy to switch between month-, week- and day- view as well as the next respective period. You can also search specifically for events near you.

Join-in Activities (Mach Mit)

For everyone who would like to actively help shape the anniversary year, you will find under “Join-in Activities” a variety of suggestions such as a music and photo competition, a creativity contest for children or the “memoranda” challenge for pupils throughout the state.
By clicking on an activity, you will be taken directly to the respective website with all important information for participants.

History (Geschichte)

The heading “History” shares the moving history of Bavaria using two timelines with an exciting mixture of images, contemporary videos and short texts.

One of the timelines is dedicated to the history of the Free State of Bavaria – from its proclamation in 1918 up to the present day. The other shows the development of the Bavarian Constitution – from its enactment by Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria in 1818 until today. By clicking on the text fields, you will receive detailed information about the respective decade.